Labour Day weekend, Hood River, Oregon for the last kiting session of the season.  Google maps said 10hrs driving time.  It took us nearly 2 days, each way!  Travelling with kids is a slow process.

First time kiting there, wow what a crazy intense experience that was!  The winds came up and the waves with it, 4 ft rollers, bigger than I had ever kited in,  lots of fun, but full on intense!  All I could think of was, don’t crash, drop the kite or loose the board.  It took me 45 mins to get back, navigating around kayakers, windsurfers, a 50 ft sail boat on full keel and a massive great barge!  I was warned.

Hood River is a funky town, full of trendy cafes & shops, perched on the side of the hill in old character rich buildings.  A really relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  Definitely will return, as we hear the mountain bike trails are just as epic.

The drive home was just as long.  We cruise along at 80-90 km/hr, the kids are great travelers, but get twitchy after a while.  They seem to have a bottomless appetite, and burn thru all the snacks and food I have prepped by 11!

It was a great week, thanks Hood River!