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We are an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey

October 2019 we will wrap up our life in Whistler to embark on aN 18 Month long adventure with our kids,  camper, kite boards, surfboards, sup’s, bikes & cameras  to explore the Americas one day at a time.   

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In their words, thru their eyes, how the kids experience it all.

Our Mascot

Our travel mascot is ‘Dog’, the lead character in the 80’s NZ cartoon series Footrot Flats.  Fun for the kids, he’ll be making frequent photo appearances along the way.

The truck

Our home away from home.


Blog of our Journey

Disneyland – by Charley

I knew I was going to have so much fun, I just loved everything about it, except Space Mountain, because it was my first rollercoaster and it was in the DARK, mum and dad didn’t know what they were taking me on.  The other one I didn’t like AT ALL was Guardians of the...

Disneyland – by Jaxon

When I first go there we went on lots of rides, Thunder Mountain, Space Man and the I went ion Splash mountain where you sit in a log, one behind the other in water, and you go along in a water roller coaster and you get totally soaked.   Goofy’s Sky School, it’s a...

Oct 25th – Nov 2nd

Whistler BC to Pauyllup WA.  Not sure how much sleep we got last night, we were both excited and anxious about going, and the estimated 4 hours it would take to get the rest of the house packed up, clean & property looking all spiffy.   I was wide awake at 4am, which...

“Anything can happen if you let it”