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We are an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey

October 2019 we will wrap up our life in Whistler to embark on aN 18 Month long adventure with our kids,  camper, kite boards, surfboards, sup’s, bikes & cameras  to explore the Americas one day at a time.    We are using polarsteps to track our progress live, please follow along to see where we are….

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Kid's Page

In their words, thru their eyes, how the kids experience it all.

Our Mascot

Our travel mascot is ‘Dog’, the lead character in the 80’s NZ cartoon series Footrot Flats.  Fun for the kids, he’ll be making frequent photo appearances along the way.

The truck

Our home away from home.


Blog of our Journey

Surviving Covid-19 on Lake Atitlan. April 20 – May 24

Lockdown Day 55, sometime late April. Life here is all becoming a big blur with each day just like the other. Good news is that we have use of the lake again, limited for just swimming & jumping off the dock, but it feels really great to be back in the water. The kids...

Stuck in Guatemala, April 20 – 28th

Yesterday we received an email from friends back home in BC. Barb & Mike drove the Pan American highway 15+ years ago. Her reply to our hold up was "if nothing goes wrong, it's just a holiday!" During their journey, they were without their truck for a month because of...

Guatemala – by Charley

Well, when left Belize, they took my temperature at the border place when we crossed into Guatemala. They were looking to see if I had the Corona Virus, but I didn't, my temperature was normal and I got another stamp in my passport. Our first stop in Guatemala was in...

“Anything can happen if you let it”