This is the story of our slightly mad idea of driving around the world & combining the things we love most, our kids, adventures, sports & travel.  Starting with the Panamerican highway, pulling out of Whistler and heading South, with no fixed plans, taking it one day at a time.  
We are under no delusions that travelling with kids & road schooling along the way is going to be easy.  We can’t even drive to Vancouver without them whining ‘are we there yet?!   
The desire to drive around the world has always been there, but putting down roots,  business and  family has held more of a reality.  The travel bug is back, Tim & the kids are now fully infected too.   This time learning about countries, culture, nature and history has become exciting to experience through the eyes of children.   
A family exploring the world together in a camper,  easy – right? 

Jaxon, age 5

Jaxon, age 6

Following closely on his sister’s heels he’s just a turn behind her on skis & bike.  Easy going,  lover of all bugs & animals, bi-lingual, Jax will be acting interrupter,  friend magnet and primary annoyance to his sister.

“I don’t really have a favourite animal, but birds are pretty cool”.  I’m going to bring some cars, fishing rod, lego, ironman toy, and lightsaber.  I also really want my best friends Alex and Evie to come with me too.”

Age 6 comments, “how many days does it take to drive to South America?” I tell him and his eyes pop out of his head?”  I tell him and his eye pop out of his head, “that’s going to take a really long time Mum!”

Charley, age 6

Charley, age 8

is up with the birds and hits the ground running.  A typical Whistler kid, she loves to Ski, & mountain bike.  Gymnastics, TaeKwon Do and piano keep her busy outside of school.  Her biggest love are birds

“Birds are my most favourite.  At home I have at least 50 bird stuffies, they all have names & get up to no good when I’m at school.”
“I’ want to see as many different kinds of birds as possible and write about them in my bird book.  My favourite kind of birds are most definitely the parrots, because they are beautiful, smart, and very cheeky.”  
“I love camper, but am not sure where all my birds are going to sit,  I have to take them all with me, even tho Mum says I can only bring 5,  how can I choose between them.  They just won’t sleep well without me.”

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes, you can steer in any direction you choose”  Dr Seuss