“I went hiking in the jungle. It was very colourful, the roots of the trees were very thick, if we tried to chop the roots in half it wouldn’t work. The roots are too thick. ”

“My family and I went on a hike to find some birds, on the way we got close to the top of the hill. My sister and I could see the ocean.” “It was very green.”

“My family and I, we went for a one hour hike, in 20 minutes we found a very thorny tree. The thorns were very sharp, if you put a plastic bag over it, the spikes would poke right out!”

“Me and my sister, went in to a dark cave. The cave was in the jungle, there was steps, when we got close to the end, the reflectors started fading. Our Dad’s light was the brightest, mine was pretty bright, my sisters was blue. Dad, Charley and I saw a cave bug, it ate fish. The bug was black, it had blue stripes.”

I saw a Woodpecker, he had a red head, black wings, white spots on his wings, his tummy was yellow, his tail was black. He was eating a fruit. The fruit was orange and yellow. He was enjoying his fruit lunch.”

“I went on a hike, on the way down it started to rain, Stitch’s ears got droopy, Stitch hated the rain and so did I. We got some leaves umbrellas, Stitch and I stayed dry, but we were still soaking wet, when we got home we had to change clothes.”