March 30

Looking back on our time spent in La Ventana, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and happiness.   This little corner of Baja has been our home for the past 5 months and we have enjoyed every moment.  

Am grateful for the freedom we have enjoyed, to be able to live everyday to the fullest. Grateful, to have been part of what many call the best kite season and campground community in years! The wind blew strong & steady every day, with maybe 12-14 days of no wind, allowing us to clock a staggering 130+ days on the water. Surfing fun waves, Improving our kiting skills and even learned to foil!

Grateful to have met so many wonderful people and will forever remember all the great times shared on and off the water, over potluck dinners, movie nights, fishing, paddle boarding, beach walking, bike riding, baking, cups of tea and glasses of wine. It’s not so much as ‘Good Bye’, but ’till next time’, as we’re sure to meet again.

Charley & Jaxon also had the best time, playing from dawn to dusk, with a little school work in between. With friends they climbed trees, swam, paddled boarded, snorkel’d, rode bikes, caught lizards, crabs, octopus and fish. Wrote, created, directed and acted in plays and puppet shows. Played music, hunted for scorpions, watched as hatching turtles made their way to the sea and petted mighty Grey Whales. They wrestled, chased, laughed and fought with each other, learned to kite, went to school together and much much more.

By the time we packed up, said our farewells & snapped photos, the sun was already high. Our next destination will be Loreto to visit with Tracy, Jeff & Jayla. But for now, we’ve only made it 2 hours up the road. Tonight we’re camped on the Pacific side, down a bumpy road, past the fishing boats to where the seagulls sit. The kids were straight into the warmer than expected sea & played with their Surfer Dude toys till the sun went down and tummies grumbled for food.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Covid took over the world.  As the vaccines roll out and people roll up their sleeves, variant strains continue to morph and be more virulent than ever.  Much of the USA is already vaccinated, alas Canada drags its heels. As I write, BC has gone into another lockdown in the wake of climbing numbers.  Vail Corp has closed Whistler & Blackcomb mountains for the remainder of the season, plunging the village & local economy into the unknown and rendering some angry.  I have even had messages strongly suggesting I should no longer post on FaceBook, as our freedom and adventures are making a few rather angry…..oops!

No doubt there will be a few eyes rolling, even over this post, ‘reckless behaviour’ they’ll say….

and I say… “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”