July 25th

So yesterday I was swimming in our pool at Casa Cordelli where we are staying. I’ve been swimming in this pool everyday since we’ve been here, and i’m a really good swimmer. But…. this time, my brother and I were doing some different kind of dives than we usually do. We were doing this dive that we invented called the Penguin Dive, it’s when you dive into the water head first with your arms by your sides, just like a Penguin.

We’ve been doing Penguin dives for the whole time we were in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and didn’t have any problems, but…. that’s probably because we were diving into the lake. Anyway I did this Penguin dive from a little higher than the edge of the pool, up from the hot tub area, and the pool isn’t really very deep, just under 6ft. And I know I should have known better, but you see, I did this dive and accidentally went a little too steep and deep, and I hit my teeth on the bottom of the pool.

I remember calling out to my mum who was inside, that I think I broke my teeth! Then it really started to hurt, and I was really scared. My mum came running out wrapped me in hot towels, because they were lying in the sun, and scooped me up. The medicine she gave me took the pain away and Dad was right there too. Some ice helped and for the rest of the day I got to watch tv, while mum tried to find a dentist for me.

Jaxon was also really upset for me, he was crying too, then he got to watch tv with me. I tried to eat but my mouth hurt too much so mum made me a smoothie. My teeth are sharp and i don’t like the feeling, i want my teeth back they were my favourite ones.

When i woke up this morning i was sad because my teeth were gone, but they don’t hurt at all. But now i have to go to the dentist and that part I am not looking forwards to. We had to walk a long way to the dentist’s office, where I had to put these funny covers over my hair and shoes, Rikki was with me. First I had an x-ray then they started to work on me, I was a little scared and had to stay still for a very long time, mum said it was nearly 2 hours, and I was getting uncomfortable. The dentist lady pushed on my teeth and made them wiggly and that really hurt! I don’t ever want to go back there.

Then it was over and I could close my mouth that felt all funny. The dentist said that I didn’t break the roots of my teeth and that they should grow strong again, but I do have to be careful not to break the new teeth off, so no more penguin dives into this pool! Mum said that my new teeth looked exactly like my real ones, they look good to me too, but I can feel the difference. After that we went for ice cream, I had rainbow flavour with real mango, lime and strawberries, it was delicioso!