“The first picture is of Charley & I that time when Bruce got stuck in all that mud and we were supposed to stay in the truck, but we got bored and put our feet in the mud, it was cold and wet and we got it all over the inside of the truck. The next three photos are of Charley and I goofing around on those grippy rocks in the Baja. That is Stitchie & I photo bombing Charley.”

“One time Charley and I dug a very deep hole in the beach just for fun. This is Charley and I doing the puzzle that Auntie Wanda gave us before we left. I can do it on my own now, it’s easy for me. ”

“At Christmas time we made our own Christmas tree and decorations out of paper, we coloured them in and stuck them on the door, I love this tree, i want to put it up again next Christmas. Then that photo on the end is of Charley, Dr Bird and I at the end of the bird talk in La Ventana.”

“This is me on my very first horse ride ever. I got to ride him when we went to go and see the butterflies. My horse was the biggest and fastest and always wanted to be out in front, and he kept farting which made me laugh so hard nearly fell off. The next one is a photo of Poki & Bruce. Poki is Grandad’s & Jen’s Land Rover, that’s me in the passenger seat, i used to take turns driving with Grandad before Jen arrived. That photo is of Mum, me and Charley on top of one of those steep pyramids. And the one with me in the green and blue hoodie with Stitch, that was taken at some ruins and i’m pointing to an ancient carving swirl like a snails home.”

“we went to this place in a forest with thorny trees and a dry creek bed, and there were lots of carvings in all the rocks, they were called, what were they called mum? petroglyphs. They were carved by people who lived there ten thousand years ago, (Actually 2.5 thousand). There was this really cold pool and we all went for swim in. Me and Charley went in first, the water was really cold. In that photo Grandad and I are playing Lego.”

“Awe, i really like this photo of Dad & I with our surf and boogie boards. That was so much fun, we played in the waves and got lots of rides. Oh i remember that giant Santa bear, he was full of air and I sat on his foot. There’s Charley paddling me around the bay near the campground in La Ventana.”

“Dad is teaching me to fly the trainer kite, I nearly got pulled off my feet. My first coconut, that was at Oli’s place at Pelican Reef (La Ventana). I liked riding my bike through the cactus forest, mum remember my cactus was called Agarve Sword because of the strong spiny leaf things. Oh my gosh, that’s me helping you with the laundry, and me and Charley doing the dishes.”

“This is a really cool skull, Alex would like it too. Thats me eating a mango. And us at the waterfalls place.”

“More boring pyramids, the only cool thing about that place was all the Iguanas living there, we counted more than 30 of them. I liked that horse, “mum was that when I was sick?” “when I was so sick and slept for a whole week, that when i got better i had a weeks worth of eating to catch up on.” (Covid-19??). Oh yeah, remember when we climbed down that ladder into the hole in the ground that went down as far at the cenote pool.”

“I did like these ruins because we could climb on them, they were very steep and had some cold tunnels we could explore, but my legs got tired when it got hot.”

“awe, i remember these horses all dress up with cute hats on in that town that was all painted yellow. I remember i was grumpy that day, it was too hot to be walking around that much, and then the next day i started getting really sick.” “I saw an Iguana, he was very fast and he had black stripes.” “I found these budgies in a cage in the market, I thought they were cute”.

“We saw some of these green Macaws, they were very cool. I liked them the most because of their colours, and they are very cute.” “They fly very fast, we hid in a palapa so we don’t spook them and fly away”. “This black scorpion would kill you if he got you. We found him on a rock on the way to go and see the parrots. It looks like the scorpion has a moustache with his claws”. “At the dinosaur sanctuary (museum of evolution), we saw a Triceratops skull (skeleton), it was very big, we also saw a T-Rex that roared at me. He was big and green, is stripes were orange he roared loud.” “The crystal was sharp, pointy and yellow. It was found underneath the ground, people discovered it. They thought they could put it with the collection”.

“I was in giant letters, CDMX, they were short for Mexico city.” “awe, those kitty cats were so cute, I played with them all day.”

Jaxon what did you like most about Mexico? ” I just liked all of it”. Jaxon what did you like the least about Mexico? “that it was so hot and sweaty, and the garbage that was everywhere, it ruins the nature and environment.”