When I first go there we went on lots of rides, Thunder Mountain, Space Man and the I went ion Splash mountain where you sit in a log, one behind the other in water, and you go along in a water roller coaster and you get totally soaked.  

Goofy’s Sky School, it’s a mini rollercoaster that has lots of super tight corners and go really fast, I thought I was going to go off the edge, but you don’t because it was controlled.  It was so so much fun, we did it 3 times! 

We saw Goofy, Donald Duck, Mini Mouse, Daisy and Pluto, but no Mickey Mouse, we didn’t see him anywhere.  We rode the Submarine, where you go under water and saw Nemo in a show, we went to the bottom down deep.  I got to drive a car, it was fast and on a track, but hard to control when just learning to drive.  

Cars roller coaster, you race another car super dooper fast, you get to race side by side across the finish line.  

The monorail was medium fun, but it drove us back to the hotel which saved my very tired sore legs and feet.  Oh and we rode the old and small fire truck that goes by all the people.

The best part of Disneyland for me was EVERYTHING!