I knew I was going to have so much fun, I just loved everything about it, except Space Mountain, because it was my first rollercoaster and it was in the DARK, mum and dad didn’t know what they were taking me on.  The other one I didn’t like AT ALL was Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Tower of Terror’!  That was a long line up for a nasty broken elevator ride.  

We went went to a live Frozen theatre show, with real singing and special effects.  The Teacups, was lots of fun, we sat in the teacup, and we could spin the wheel which made us go fast.  Some people didn’t even spin their cup, which made it a little bit boring for them.  

My favourite ride was Splash mountain and Thunder Mountain & the cars race.  The Matterhorn and Small World were closed for fixing.  

Thunder Mountain was fun because it was a roller coaster, that was a train that had no driver.  It was an out of control train coming down the mountain.  We rode it 6 times and I could have ridden it 25,000 more times.  

Walking around we saw a marching brass band, Green men army soldiers performance where we had to do what they were doing with dance steps and movements.  The Coco performance was really neat how they showed the Day of the Dead with music, costumes and dancing.  

Halloween night was super fun, we were in Disneyland till 10pm, we rode roller coasters in the dark, saw some fireworks, and a light show that was spooky.  We were so tired mum & dad put us in stroller so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to the hotel.  

For Halloween I dressed up as Moana, I was so happy for finding it, because I had been talking about having a Moana costume for weeks.  

My brother had skeleton gloves and a mickey mouse halloween t-shirt.  

We went to the Haunted House, with all these spooky effects, one mirror put dynamite on my face special effect.  Ghost hologram, paintings with the ghost puppy floating across it, and pictures that would change.  

Oh and we got to fly the Millennium Falcon over at Star Wars.  It’s not a roller coaster, it’s, my dad says, a simulator.  We went into hyperspace and into a different planet, but we were under attack, my dad & brother were the pilots,  mum & I were the gunners and buttons lit up and we had to shoot the aliens.  I didn’t really know what to do, I said “i don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, so I just shot at everything”.

Over at California Adventure park on the second day we went on Grisley Peak, it was a rapid river ride, we were sitting in a round raft that spun around bashing off the sides.  We got soaked!  There were sudden drops, turns and geysers shooting water up and into our raft!  

We didn’t ride the Incredacoaster, because it was way too fast, I would have been scared out of my pants and barfed out my lunch.  

I loved the Cars ride, a race against another car through the mountains of Radiator Springs.  It was fast and smooth, with wavy bumps up and over that gave me a funny feeling in my head and body.