It’s been an extremely busy year, our Baja trip seems like a life time ago. Last time I posted, I had resolved to get us on the road by Summer. We have a plan, and so far – so good. I was lucky enough to sell the hair salon to a great gal who will do a great job of growing the business. For the past couple of months I am still working there, tho each month I reduce my hours. It’s a bitter sweet moment, happy to have sold so we can go away and not worry. But sad to be leaving the place where I’ve worked for the past 15yrs and all the wonderful clients I’ve had the privilege of meeting, doing their hair and building long relationships with, many of them I have been doing their hair for the past 20 years. Still am only going for a projected 18months, and we all know how fast time goes.

So the plan was to sell Good Hair Day, build a house, tidy up the old one get it rented, then try to kick back and enjoy summer in Whistler before loading up the camper and hitting the road South in September. Salon sold and just last week we moved into the new house. Tim is constantly being approached to build for someone, as tempting as it is, for him, the answer has to be no, and we stick to the plan. Except for Bill G, who really wants Tim to build for him, so while we don’t have a set departure date, we sure do have a return date of March 15th, the start of the prep for building season 2021. Thanks for waiting Bill, I promise to have him back on time.

Spare parts for the truck & camper have arrived from Frank in Germany. Frank built the camper and did the conversion for us back in 2007. Gotta love the German craftsmanship, we have had it 12 yrs and she still looks new. Next on the list is organizing travel insurance, vaccines, bank accounts & copies of all the necessary paperwork that will be required. Over the winter I made window covers for the drivers cab to keep the sun out and prying eyes when we are away from it. Am also seriously considering getting some extra external locks for security fitted. Lately the overland pages on Facebook are laden with petty crime and break in’s. The new roof rack has been fitted and will be great for extra storage, also thinking we may need a wind deflector to reduce wind resistance. Then lastly will need to attach a bike rack on the back. We are planning on spending some time biking in Moab, Sedona & Bryce Canyon on the way. Having the bikes is a must for there, but then further south we aren’t sure how much use they will get, or how safe they will be…

Last month Dad & Jen came to visit, they have just started their PanAm adventure, currently somewhere in Alaska or Northern BC. Last year they drove their Land Rover from the UK to Vladivistok Russia, via everywhere along the way. Then shipped the vehicle to Vancouver. Their world adventure can be found here, It was a great visit, and they were very helpful with our ‘to do’ list, and also kept the kids out of our hair so we could get some work done. Jaxon did offer to cut Jen’s hair for her, bit of a scary thought, those hedge clippers are very dull & rusty. If all goes well, we will meet up with them on the road.

Even though our days are full of work, I do try to get a bit of time in for fun stuff. Last Sunday, while Jaxon was at bike camp, I took Charley for a SUP on Green Lake, by the time I got both boards pumped up, the wind had picked up so it was a short & peaceful, I never forget just how beautiful it is here. Then Charley jumped in, a glacial fed, freezing cold lake, crazy girl, always getting the most out of every day.

As for me, it’s back to the old home, I have a house to clean!