In La Ventana, I found 2 lizards, 1 snake and a cow bone. Jim said is was a California Night Snake, he was just a baby, we put him in a large container, with big air holes so he could breathe. We put lots of branches, rocks, gravel and leaves and ants so he could eat. Then we let him on the second day and live in the wild.

The whale sharks were super fun, they swim calmly and they let us swim with them. We saw some other children swimming with another shark. We saw 7 whale sharks, and they were so fun, big and gentle.

In the mornings we go paddle boarding, Jim Charley & I went on Jim’s paddle board and went fishing. We caught a Grunt Fish and a Curious Fish. We let them go. I like fish tacos, they are so delicious and yummy. We also saw lots of different types of Cactus, they are all prickly.