“Hi, my name is Charley, and I love birds.  I’m 7yrs old and I go to Myrtle Philip School too.

What’s your teacher’s name?  “Mrs Makelke-Way, she’s really nice, not strict”

What’s the best part of being in school? “I am learning lots, we have been learning about bears, lots of printing, making nice letters and numbers, abc 123”

Who are your friends? ”Veronica and Miia, Annie & Ruby in class. But Tobi and Austin are my best friends, they are in a different classroom, not far away., just across the hall”

Where do you like to play at lunch & recess? “I like to play on the monkey bars, I need lots of hang time, look at the blisters on my hands”.

What did you learn today? “Patterns! patterns in shapes, numbers and letters.  My favourite was the shapes”

How do you like the bus ride home? “medium, noisy, it’s faster than walking as you keep reminding me.  The thing I least like is the long trip, it takes waayyy too long”

What would you like to be when you grow up? “Ornitholigist, that’s a bird scientist, because I love birds, they are my favourite animal, since I was a baby”.  “The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest of all the birds, my most favourite is the Macaw, because they are big, beautiful and smart.