“Hi my name is Jaxon and I’m 5.   I go to Myrtle Philip School in Whistler”.

What’s your teacher’s name?  “Mum, it’s Mrs Friend, she lets me play with toys, and I really really like her”.

What’s the best part of being in school? “the nature walks, they are too fun, we get to play in the forest”

Who are your friends? “um Khyber, Ayerton, Jamie & Loic”,

Where do you like to play at lunch & recess?

What did you learn today? “stop, think, make a good choice” “and only one person in the bathroom at a time”.

How do you like the bus ride home? “bad, it’s noisy and…and….and….it takes a very long time”.

What would you like to be when you grow up? “ummm…..umm…..ummm…….I don’t know”.