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We are an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey

SuMMER 2019 we will wrap up our life in Whistler to embark on a 2 year adventure with our kids,  camper, kite boards, surfboards, sup’s, bikes & cameras  to explore the Americas one day at a time.   

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Kid's Page

In their words, thru their eyes, how the kids experience it all.

Our Mascot

Our travel mascot is ‘Dog’, the lead character in the 80’s NZ cartoon series Footrot Flats.  Fun for the kids, he’ll be making frequent photo appearances along the way.

The truck

Our home away from home.


Blog of our Journey


Each summer we head to Nitinat for a couple of weeks camping, kite & paddle boarding, fishing & exploring.  It's probably our favourite place to be.  There’s a special energy here, the trees, water, sun & people make it almost magical.  It’s raw, rugged & beautiful,...

Nitinat Adventures – by Charley

So Nitinat is on Vancouver Island, we have to take the ferry there then drive down a long dirt road that's full of potholes.  I’ve been going every summer since I was born. I get really excited to go there. I get to make lots of friends, swing on the big rope swing...

Spring in Whistler

It's been an extremely busy year, our Baja trip seems like a life time ago. Last time I posted, I had resolved to get us on the road by Summer. We have a plan, and so far - so good. I was lucky enough to sell the hair salon to a great gal who will do a great job of...

“Anything can happen if you let it”